Here are some of the the most common challenges I support families through

Early rising

Sleep Education around normal infant and toddler sleep patterns

Naps (working towards more independent naps, when baby is developmentally ready)

No longer wanted or unwanted bed sharing

Frequent night wakings (fighting the root cause beyond behavior)

Gradual Night Weaning, reducing feeds after 12 months

Transitions (bassinet to crib, parents’ bed to the child’s sleep space/room, crib to bed)

Split nights

Welcoming a new baby
Daycare/Childcare transitions

Toddler bedtime difficulties
Identifying you child’s daily rhythms

Building a variety of soothing options, so you can gradually wean from the sleep associations that no longer work fo you and your family (including rocking, nursing, bouncing to sleep)

Child Development

Respectful, Responsive parenting