Hi there!
​I'm Mariana 

First and foremost, I'm a parent just like you.

I must say right from the start that my degrees and certifications are the foundation of my work but what truly connects me to the families I support is to experience parenting myself, each and every day. 

My inspiration comes from observing my own children, from my own challenges and imperfection. I see you, I really do.


In all honesty, being a parent is hard! A very important kind of hard. So when we don't have a village of support, it is even more important to be kind to ourselves in order to understand our limits and difficulties. And if you have spoken with me before (maybe on my DMs  @frombabiestotoddlers), you know exactly what I mean. 

My little ones are three and five years old, and as a former ECE who specializes in Infants & Toddlers, I truly thought parenting would come easy to me. I thought I knew a lot already, but as you well know, in parenting we never really know "a lot". It’s a constant learning process! And I believe that it’s when we realize that learning more and more won’t help, unless we are open to finally get to know ourselves, that's when things really start to shift. It becomes clearer, and I risk to say… brighter! 


We embrace our imperfectness to parent from the heart. We respond to ourselves so we can genuinely respond to our children…we learn from the ruptures. We repair. 


All right, let me tell you a bit more about myself. I am a Registered Circle of Security® Parenting™ facilitator, with a degree in Child Development, currently finishing another one in Psychology.


I've dedicated the past decade to studying, child development, psychology, neuroscience, responsive respectful education (including a training in the RIE approach), as well as how attachment happens in the first years of human life. Child Development is not just my college degree, it is my passion!


I struggled with the lack of sleep after our first son was born, and that compelled me to study about normal infant sleep and understand my own expectations. I became passionate about the subject and went on to complete more than five courses and certifications related to children sleep, sleep science and breastfeeding education.


I am Certified as a Pediatric & Maternity Sleep Coach, a Certified Sleep and Well-being Specialist, who also happens to have studied the Possums Approach and the Holistic Sleep Coaching practice.  


The Responsive Parents Project, now From Babies to Toddlers, was born in 2018 when we were expecting our second child and I began to write about my experiences and observations in my mother-tongue, Portuguese.

When it comes to my sleep work, I do not believe babies can sleep through the night before they are developmentally ready. However, I do believe children sleep better when parents feel confident to focus on the attachment relationship. I do not promise to solve all your sleep issues but I know that I can help you get more rested and connected to your intuition while building trust for changes that go beyond sleep and become a life long nurturing value.